Dr. Jack Lumanog endorses “The New Pilgrims”

Dr. Jack Lumanog’s endorses the new book “The New Pilgrims” by Dr. Joe Castleberry

Dr. Jack Lumanog endorses the new book by Dr. Joe Castleberry, “The New Pilgrims.” Dr. Lumanog’s endorsement appears in the book which addresses the strategic immigration debate that is a major focus of the 24/7 news cycle and will continue even beyond the 2016 presidential election.

Dr. Jack Lumanog’s endorsement of “The New Pilgrims”

“What is needed now more than ever in this difficult conversation about race and immigration is context—and The New Pilgrims certainly delivers on context. Dr. Joseph Castleberry tackles this urgent issue very effectively with historical and sociological insight and gives us a gospel-oriented vision of our country. As a Filipino and first-generation American myself, I hope to be one of the many who proudly take up the mantle of The New Pilgrims. This book is a must-read for all who want a fully informed view on the place of immigrants in our new society.”

The Venerable Canon Dr. Jon I. Lumanog
Archbishop’s Canon and Chief Operating Officer, Anglicahttp://www.anglicanchurch.netn Church in North America

The Right Rev. Dr. Jon I “Jack” Lumanog
Bishop of The Anglican Diocese of St. Ignatius Loyola

The Right Rev. Dr. Jon I “Jack” Lumanog is an Anglican Bishop in good standing with the Apostolic Communion of Anglican Churches and the leader of The Anglican Diocese of St. Ignatius Loyola. A pastor and evangelist at heart, Dr. Jack Lumanog has planted, revitalized and pastored churches, traveled internationally to teach pastors and church planters and was a denominational leader for 7 years with executive level oversight for over 1,000 congregations in the United States, Canada and Mexico. Additionally, Bishop Lumanog is an Associate Member of The Anglican Union for the Propagation of the Gospel, an international confraternity of oratories, which is under the patronage of seven bishops from the worldwide Anglican Communion.