Ravi Zacharias’s sudden disappearance from Foley Beach’s social media

After the bombshell reporting released yesterday (29 September 2020) from Christianity Today about sexual misconduct allegations against noted and now deceased apologist Ravi Zacharias, a curious thing happened.

I noticed that mentions of Ravi Zacharias – including the obligatory sad RIP message with photo of the deceased Christian celebrity – all vanished from Foley Beach’s social media. Poof! Gone.

Foley Beach’s RIP posts about Ravi Zacharias before yesterday’s bombshell article by Christianity Today
As of yesterday, 29 September 2020, the RIP message from Foley Beach about Ravi Zacharias had disappeared from his social media.

The Archbishop liked to talk often to anyone who would listen about his close friendships with evangelical luminaries like Ravi Zacharias, Michael Youssef and Louie Giglio.

Foley Beach’s celebrity shot with Michael Youssef at The White House.

Along with Archbishop Wilton Gregory (former Archbishop of the Roman Catholic Diocese of Atlanta, now in Washington D.C.). We heard about his frequent trips to Washington, D.C. where he would get the celeb shots with Ravi Zacharias, Michael Youssef and Anne Graham Lotz (odd that he would be photographed with a woman in ministry because of his firm opposition to women in ministry – but she is after all a Graham!). Side note – the Archbishop licensed a woman ordained as a priest in The Episcopal Church as a deacon in his “Diocese of the South” and refuses to recognize her legitimate presbyteral orders. Her husband, also a priest ordained in The Episcopal Church, is recognized as a priest. Bizarre.

Foley Beach’s celebrity shot with Anne Graham Lotz at The White House.
Foley Beach documenting his trips to The White House in painstaking detail.

But, with friends like these, who need enemies? Ravi Zacharias being scrubbed (mostly) from your social media as if you never knew the man who is no longer a Christian celebrity that brings you notoriety by proximity but is the subject of misconduct allegations — he has to disappear as if you never knew the man. I thought you two were friends?

Ravi Zacharias speaking at Assembly 2019.

It has been nearly 2 years since I parted ways with the ACNA. And I have had my differences with Foley Beach. He told me I got a little too excited about meeting celebrities. For example, I’m a long distance runner and I met Olympic medalist Emma Coburn at Austin City Limits and Steph Rothstein who won the Peachtree Road Race a few years ago. Apparently, I should only geek out about evangelical celebrities like he does. But only the perfect evangelical celebrities. If they fall, best if you just pretend you never knew them or act as if they were never born.

“It is hard to find on the website and is part of your history.” – Foley Beach to me.

To me, it appears that Foley Beach is putting Ravi Zacharias – along with his own Rest In Peace message – in the “deleted items folder” now that Ravi is dead and gone and of no longer of use to him especially now that Zacharias is the subject of an investigation even in his death.

So, as much as he wants to pretend he never knew the man, I would say the same to Foley using his own words: “It is hard to find on the website and is part of your history.”

A cached screen grab of Foley Beach’s “RIP Ravi Zacharias!” message that has now been deleted.
Foley’s celebrity shot with Ravi Zacharias at the Atlanta Airport in 2014.
Foley’s celebrity shot of Ravi Zacharias at the National Day of Prayer at The White House.