don_harvey“On a number of occasions since he has been in his Office as Canon to the Archbishop, Canon Jack Lumanog has come to functions organized by the Anglican Network in Canada to represent Archbishop Robert Duncan and later to Archbishop Foley Beach.  Whenever this happened and time permitted we always tried to engage him in both preaching and teaching activities, areas in which he excells. Canon Jack has the gift of speaking with academic excellence and at the same in ‘a language understandable to the people’.  He also has the unique gift of being comfortable on either end of the Anglican spectrum and not only fitting in, but also obviously enjoying himself in so doing.  We always look forward to a visit from this devout and talented priest.”
The Right Reverend Donald F Harvey
Episcopal Vicar


“As a bishop in the Anglican Mission with oversight of Dr. Lumanog’s congregation, I know Jack to be a strong and goal-oriented leader.  A student of Scripture and perhaps one of our finest preachers, Jack also demonstrates a high regard for traditional worship and liturgical practice while always allowing himself to be led by the Holy Spirit.  Jack is a true blessing to us all.”
The Rt. Rev. Doc Loomis
Missionary Bishop
The Anglican Mission in the Americas


Phil Posthuma“His teaching ministry in transformational on several levels. First, Father Jack speaks from a place of authenticity. This opens the heart of the listener to the truth he conveys. Secondly, Father Jack utilizes a great amount of humor. This serves to lower whatever barrier might be standing in the way so that life-change can occur. Thirdly, his message is both loving and dangerous. Since the Gospel message confronts sin, the manner of Father Jack’s delivery helps the listener to know that God only disciplines those He loves. If you are looking for a speaker that truly helps people to embrace the heart of God, look no further. Father Jack truly inspires others while giving the glory to the Lord.”
Pastor Phil Posthuma
Lead Pastor, Montgomery Community Church
Cincinnati, OH 


“Jack has led an ecumenical group of senior pastors in intercessory prayer, book discussions and in reflection on contemplative methods. His commitment to the inward journey, required in ministry leadership, is evident. I highly recommend Jack as a pastor able to effectively inspire other pastors to greatness.
The Rev. Dr. Alex Pickens III
Senior Pastor, University Baptist Church
East Lansing, MI


Bishop Fick“At our recently concluded Society Gathering, we were blessed to have Canon Lumanog as our special teacher/speaker.  As the MSJ gathered for encouragement, refreshment, instruction, worship and fellowship, the Holy Spirit ministered among us, re-charging us for the works He has given us to do.  We left our gathering as people more committed and greatly empowered to continue our many works, our church plantings, and our witness for our Savior. We were so honored to have an old friend in Dr. Jack Lumanog among us to teach, instruct and inspire us.”
The Rt. Rev. Frederick G. Fick, MSJ
Father General Emeritus
Missionary Society of St. John